Mga diwang nakaalpas

Few years ago, I established my very first blog named Non-linear. There was an insatiable desire to put my thoughts into words as I would often feel frustrated over my incapability to relay my emotions to others. There were many instances wherein these attempts resulted to misunderstandings and overthinking. Non-linear was my attempt to practice communicating my thoughts and feelings.

I’ve long deleted the account. It felt pretentious and it was a struggle to write about the things I love. Yet the desire to express my thoughts was constantly there, and now I am trying to pick up the pieces of my mind. This blog is my attempt to share my love for certain things, hoping to find peace in the process of writing them down.

Mga muni-muni sa bukang liwayway, sa tahimik na gabi, sa oras na walang lakas, sa ingay at nakaririnding katahimikan ng tahanan. Mga diwang hindi mapakali, nagbabakasakaling mahinto. Biyahe ng aking diwa. Biyahe ng nakaalpas.

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