Hope is strength

In times of distress, the body falters under the fatigue of busy days and sleepless nights; the mind and the heart grow weary and burdened by the impossibility of the situation. The world has a way of knowing this and it takes advantage of our fragility.

It is inevitable to be discouraged. During these moments, the world convinces you to believe everything has gone wrong with no help in sight. It tells of nothingness of tomorrow; that today and the years of suffering that has led to the current predicament will only get worse – so better despair. Be angry. Do not be understanding because no one understood you, do not be patient with other because they were not to you, do not listen because no one did, do not love because no one did. The world is a masterclass of hate and indifference.

Hope is present nonetheless. Even at the pit of darkness and there is nothing but sorrow, hope is present. The world, again (what a sneaky bastard), is a judgemental being. You are a fool, why do you have hope? Naive! Hope is for martyrs! Hope is the excuse of those who does not want to do anything about their current predicament. Hope is the language of the weak!

Hope is not to simply believe in a better tomorrow. It is not as naive as believing things will fall into place and everything will be okay. Hope is to trust in God. And why is it different? Because God is beyond the world. His works are wonderful miracles, His ways beyond the what earthly beings could ever comprehend. Hope is the trust things to fall into its place because God’s plan and His time is the only thing that is perfect. When, where, why and how’s of our life will never be left unresolved or unfinished for there is a Lord, our Creator. Hope is believing everything will be okay, not out of weariness and our incapability to make things better, rather the surrender in the hands of the One who is our Saviour, our Redeemer, Healer and Saviour. Everything will be okay because in Him, all things are possible.

So hope.