See you soon

A message to certain people I am glad I met in my life.

To people from my past I never thought I would reconnect with, much more for the renewed friendship we choose to build again. I am overwhelmed with the thought of seeing you guys again, and even more grateful for the trust we have in sharing what we have been through the past years we were apart from each other. Never did I expect to reestablish the friendship we had because in my mind, I am already thankful for the opportunity to simply meet up over a warm meal and fizzy drinks. I have long accepted in the years of lost connections that we all had found our separate ways in life. Yet God in all his great plans (you guys know about my faith) brought us back together through an Instagram story reply, a birthday, a coincidental meeting and a memory. I was ecstatic, but that feeling soon turned to a question of until when? Until when before our conversations run dry, until when before we tire of inviting each other for meals and talks, until when before we stop missing each other again; until when before we go back to our lives that does not have our friendship in it?

Then again, God’s handiwork is something I ought to never doubt. Our messages and late night talks did not seem to me as if the five, six years? of no contact ever existed. Not in a way that our friendship was the same, rather we remained the same at the very core of ourselves to others. As we shared what’s up to make up for the years of not being present, I felt sorry for not being there, for choosing to focus on my studies and pursuing things that took all my time and my connection from you guys. I gained new friends beyond what I initially thought was impossible. I studied and striven hard to be the person that I am, one that is not great but I am proud of. More than anything, I am so proud of the people you have become. For overcoming the seemingly never-ending problems, for finding solitude in your loneliness, for continuing to be strong amidst adversities in life. I am proud of you.

I love you guys to bits. Thank you for allowing our friendship to be part of your lives again. I am glad I have you all in my life. See you soon.