Learning from scratch again

No fear 2021! Go for it! Welcome to With Karli, my first ever Youtube channel where I will be producing contents on the topics that are close to my heart and providing a platform for discussions on matters I feel strongly about. It took a lot for me not to spoil this project but here we are!

Believe me or not, I agreed to take this opportunity on a whim. An email with an invitation to produce video content online was sent some time in December last year while I was in the midst of finishing the first semester of my final year. Back then, I was full of excitement and greatly looked forward to my final semester. I thought of what I ought to do with my relatively free schedule and decided to sign up, thinking “Well, I’ve got nothing better to do”. Watch the video to hear the rest of the story, hahahahaha. I’ve got to promote myself, do I?

The process of producing the video was not easy. Prior to the start of editing, I have had no prior knowledge of video editing softwares. I had proper headaches from merely researching free and easy video editing software for beginners. The video had to be uploaded in a week time. I had my lectures still, add on to that my part-time job and series of interviews and tasks waiting to be completed. I was in no position to start from scratch.

It is a well-known fact that the potential of babies to learn new things is much higher than grown-ups. Personally, I want to add that I also do not possess neither the patience, the curiosity nor the confidence to learn video editing in such a short amount of time, let alone produce a video I will be satisfied with. The recording was already a mess. Who would have known that someone who had countless experience in impromptu public speaking would be tongue-tied and utterly speechless in front of a camera. With over at least four excuses in my mind to back-out, I still found myself googling every single instruction I needed. How to cut clips in Premiere Pro (yes I really had to choose the most complicated software, didn’t I?), how to add image stills without overlapping, how to this and how to that.

For the first time in a very long while, I focused for hours to no end and I learned by doing it. Every time I would remember the shortcut keys and not having to google another function fuelled my already building excitement as I continued to edit the video. Upon watching the video, which is embedded above, I’ve never been prouder of myself for starting, for learning, for struggling and for finishing. The astonishment does not come from the idea that I learned from scratch since this was not the first time I had to. What is confounding to me is the extent to which I invested myself in learning and the marvel that comes from the fact that I can say, I know how to do this. You get what I mean? That if someone asks me whether I can edit a video, I can naturally answer yeah in the same confident manner I would respond to whether I can solve 1+1.

To anybody wanting to get started with a hobby or learning something from scratch but stopped by the fear of investing time and effort to matters which you may not succeed at, remember that we learn not to see the result but to build it through the mistakes and motivations in the process of learning. Remember that you did not learn how to do what you can today with the image of your success, nor did you only start learning because you know you would not fail. Remember that learning is a process, not a destination, and it always starts from scratch.

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