Whys of anger

I just chose to be a little more honest with myself.

Why are you angry?
Why ask an angry person why are they angry?
Why can’t you let an angry person be angry?
Why ask an angry person to calm down?
Why judge an angry person for their anger?
Why think that your angry friend is someone who only knows how to be angry?
Why assume that an angry person have no patience nor understanding?
Why dismiss an angry person as someone you should cut off in your life just because their anger bothers you?
Why is anger always seen as an emotion that should be suppressed?
Why can’t I be angry just because I do?
Why treat angry people as someone irrational when all they did was just to be a little more than honest to themselves?
Why does no one ever question why anger is such a hated emotion?
Why can’t I show my anger more than I could show my tears, much more so than I could show my smile?
Why is anger not treated with the same gentleness as grief or sadness?
Why should anger be controlled in front of others when I can share my happiness with no reservation?
Why can’t I just be angry without any care of what others would think of my anger?
Why does anger always have consequences?

Why can’t I just be angry?