Fruits Basket: The Final Ep 1/Ramblings

Fruits Basket is back and I have A LOT to say.

To be honest, I am not exactly sure what to say. I totally forgot that the first episode premiered the other day until I finally (you get it? final.. finally.. someone stop me) finished with my mountainous workload for the month and I finally (hehe) had some free and finally (okay this is the last one) remembered that Fruits Basket’s first episode would be released sometime in the first week of April! So just before sleeping, I watched the first episode and crap, my entire being was a mix of excitement, admiration and whole lot of feelings 1am in the morning.

Now it’s the morning of the next day and my thoughts about the first episode has not subsided at all. I may spoil something along the way (manga reader struggles), though I will try to just focus on talking about this particular episode.


F-cking superb! First frame into the episode and I am ungraciously screaming with how beautiful it was and throughout watching the rest of it, my brain was trying to multitask to appreciate everything but certainly a part of me was just constantly in awe with how the studio animated every scene. I have always been amazed by the reboot animation but goodness, the studio really said BUDGET FOR THE FINAL SEASON!

By animation, I don’t mean just how well the characters are drawn (of course, that’s a given) but since Fruits Basket is not shounen which impresses the viewers with the insane animation of fighting scenes (cough cough Jujutsu Kaisen), what really impressed me was the use of the setting and the emphasis on subtle gestures of the characters. I would make a gif of all those though unfortunately I do not have time for that.

Opening and Ending

I did not expect the opening to be just stills but the hyperrealism, the way the characters were placed side to side. I AM SOBBING. Also, anime-only people probably lost it seeing Momiji all grown-up. Yup.

Ending: THEY. USED. THE. ORIGINAL. MANGA. ART. Truly fitting for this final season. Everyone deserves the happiness because this show is practically a bunch of teenagers with trauma. I’m not even kidding.

I hope they upload the official OP and ED videos soon because I can’t wait to read fans gushing over how beautiful it really was.

Comedic scenes

Absolute gold. This series will just really break your heart and patch it up with funny scenes and interactions between the characters. On the surface, these comedic skits may look random but looking deeper into it, you will realise they hold meanings which helps us to understand the characters more.

Plus, Shigure’s VA also being the voice of Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen), Hawks (Boku no Hero Academia) and Kuroo Tetsurou (Haikyuu!!) is in itself comedic as it could be.

Favourites from Ep 1

2021 just really came by to tell me to go back to anime. Since Winter 2020, to Spring 2021, to Fall and Winter 2021 – I am, and will be, fed with amazing anime to watch! Can’t wait to write more about Furuba!

The first two seasons of Fruits Basket is on Netflix Hong Kong. Go watch it!